Rafa Gámez


Córdoba, 1983

Multifaceted artist since his childhood and animation lover, in 2010 he starts to work professionally in 2D animation and design field co-founding and co-directing the animation studio called Anikami Studio, finalists for the AJE Prizes (Young Entrepreneurs Association).

In 2012 he participates in two collective exhibitions about caricature and graphic humour, at the Young House and Mateo Inurria Arts School from Cordoba.

In 2013 he moves to Tenerife to keep developing his career as a freelance artist and works at national and international level.

He obtains a wide experience in the demanding field of fast caricature for events, getting to work for the "Mueca" Street Arts International Festival.

His artistic motivations drives him to work on projects from different fields like promotional animations, mascot and logo design, and characters design.

In 2018 he is proud to work at Promineo Studios making cut-out animations and character designs for mobile-based videogames like Garfield Snack Time and others.

He provides in 2019 a 2D animation course for the prestigious Lightbox Academy.

In 2020 he starts to work remotely as a permanent freelancer for the Hong Kong based company Fu Educulture, as a character designer, illustrator and 2D animator.